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Goji Berry Benefits

They may seem like just another health food fad, but Goji berries have actually been used for thousands of years in countries such as China, Tibet, and India, mostly for its numerous medicinal and health beneficial properties. Among the health benefits attributed to Goji berries are: the ability to protect the liver, improve eyesight, enhance sexual function, strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and the function of the immune system, and lengthen lifespan.

What makes Goji berries so beneficial are its ingredients, of which antioxidants such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin are most dominant. This last ingredients is particularly beneficial, since it can protect the retina of the eye with its ability to absorb blue light. In fact, increasing your consumption of foods that contain zeathanthin may reduce your chances of developing various age-related conditions, particularly those that may cause visual impairment and blindness.

Goji juice has in fact achieved widespread popularity in recent years, with the most common application being as a health food beverage. There have been numerous claims made by manufacturers of Goji juice, with one of the most unlikely ones describing the story of a man in China who lived to be 252 years old, helped in large part by the daily consumption of Goji berries. Many other similar claims have been made by other manufacturers, although most of them remain unsubstantiated by medical research.

That being said, there have been two studies published on the effects of Goji berries, both of which were unsurprisingly conducted in China. In 1994 for instance, a Chinese publication on cancer research claimed that 79 test subjects with cancer responded favorably to treatment that included Goji berries. In addition, several other studies were conducted that demonstrated the Goji berries high antioxidant content, and its avidity to retard the growth of cancer cells, reduce the levels of glucose in the blood, and reduce cholesterol. In spite of the results of these studies, it remains uncertain whether Goji berries taken in the form of juice or tea will provide the same health benefits.

While Goji berries themselves aren’t really that expensive, the juice made from them can be quite pricey. For instance, a 32 ounce bottle of the juice which is enough for 18 days can cost as much as $50. As to whether or not this cost is worth the as yet unproven health benefits, it is up to you to decide.

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