World’s Most Nutrients Pack Fruit – Goji Berries

Goji berries also called wolfberries. Nutritionist claims goji berries as super food. These sweet tasting berries with bright color have long been used in China, Mongolia, and the Himalayas. The ancient Chinese were first to discover the incredible benefits of this miracle berries. Since that, it is been used to treat eyes, liver and kidney ailments. This rich berry has many additional Nutrients vital for proper functioning of the body.

Because of its high nutrition density, it believes to be world most nutrient dense fruit and bestow many health benefits. These berries became popular in the United States recently.


How to Eat Goji

Most Often this incredible fruit is sold dried. You can also them just like any other berry as they can be easily found and grown fresh. You can also drink goji juice and make goji tea. Have them in your breakfast by trying them with oatmeal, cereal or yogurt.

Goji berries taste awesome when cooked with meat like turkey. It adds sweetness to the hearty dish. Another benefit apart from tasting good is that cooking goji with meat facilitate the body to absorb iron from the meat. This is because goji berries are rich in Vitamin C.

It’s ideal that you incorporate these berries into your diet and would be amazed by the health benefits that you’ll experience few weeks after taking them daily.


Goji Nutrition Facts

Goji berries are world’s most nutritionally dense fruit, It’s like natural multivitamins.   Goji is native to the Himalayas in Tibet. However, it’s been recently introduced in the west. In its native land goji is used for both as a cooking ingredient and as medicine. And no wonder Chinese medicine have long been proven for its effectiveness and longevity for its users.

What makes it unique from all other fruits is that it contains all essential amino acids. Among all the fruits it has the highest concentration of protein. Both amino acids and protein are important ingredients to building muscle and stronger body.

Goji berries are rich in Vitamin C, is filled with more carotenoids than any food, high in fiber and have 21 trace minerals.

These astounding berries amplify 15 times amount of iron in spinach, zinc, selenium, minerals as well as calcium.  Goji is a natural little super medicine and contains ample anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Moreover, it further helps to boost immune system because of its antioxidants properties and polysaccharides.

Ancient Chinese use this miracle fruit as medicine to cure eyesight, dizziness, and lower back pain.

How do people grow them?

There are large plantation in Tibetian mountains nowadays that tend to grow a lot of goji berries. They are famous for having even problems with monitoring whole plantations. They got very modernized nowadays since the demand of goji berries around the world is rising rapidly. So the way they do it is very modern.

Using surveillance drones to monitor goji berries

A friend of mine who is a drone enthusiast told me that in most farms nowadays farmers use drones for surveillance in order to look over the crops. Surprisingly I have made a research and found the same to be true for goji berries farms. Surveillance drones are easy to get and they make farming much easier and also less expensive. Who would’ve thought that even in mountains in Tibet they are using surveillance drones for farming? Well globalization did its thing and was therefore very successful for them. On link you can find more information about such drones in case you are preparing big plantation as well.